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General Building Operations

Access to Tenant Space
For your convenience and security, each tenant will receive a specific number of door keys and access to the App based entry system to the premises. Should a key become lost or stolen or you may be disconnected from the entry system, please contact the Help Desk at 345.526.2650 or via email or visit the Security Office immediately to report the lost/missing key or loss of connection to the entry system. Additional keys can be provided at the tenant’s expense or Property Management can reset your access.

Vehicle Parking
Resident parking will be available in a designated parking area on a first come first serve basis.

Overnight Visitor Parking
Please ensure that your overnight visitors with vehicles collect a parking tag from the Security Office to allow the visitor to park in the parking structure over night.

Bicycle Rack
Bicycles are not to be taken to the apartments unless the bicycle can be dismantled and carried so as to avoid damage or scuff marks to walls and floors. A bicycle rack is available on the ground floor. Please secure your bicycle to the rack as insurance for the building does not include the personal property of Residents.

Common Areas
Cayman Shores Development, Ltd. has the right to control and operate the common areas and the facilities furnished for the common use and which fits best for the benefit of the tenants. The common areas should not be obstructed by any tenant or used for any purpose other than to enter or exit the premises. Tenants should not permit anyone to enter the premises that will interfere with the common areas that are for the use of tenants only. Tenants are not permitted to place any items within the common area without the Landlord’s consent.

There are a total of two elevators on the premises. All buildings are equipped with modern elevators. In the event of entrapment, remain calm; follow posted signs within the elevator car to locate the emergency intercom device that will connect you directly to the Help Desk. Inform the dispatcher of the location of the elevator and explain the nature of the emergency. Do not try to open the doors by yourself or by soliciting such help from someone on the outside.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are located in each apartment and throughout the building, at locations shown on the attached "Fire Equipment" document (COMING SOON). Even if a fire is extinguished, the incident must be reported to FMHelpdesk at / 345.640.4357 for investigation as to the underlying cause and to assess if any damage.

Fire Exits
For your safety, fire exits are provided on each floor in case of emergency. Please note the location of the stairwell nearest your apartment in the unlikely event of an emergency. Your designated assembly points are detailed here. Please see your move-in package or contact your Property Manager for your assembly point number.

For complete fire or emergency procedures, please click here.

Parking spaces are available in a designated parking area on a first come first serve basis. Unauthorised parking in reserved parking, loading spaces and handicapped spaces is prohibited.

Pets are permitted with the approval of your Property Manager. Pet deposit is required.

At least two stairwells are provided for emergency exits in the building. Residents should note the location of the stairwell nearest their apartment for emergency use and should know the location of both in case the closest one is blocked or unreachable. For security reasons, all interior stairwell doors are and will open only in case of an emergency. If you become trapped in the stairwell, you must walk down to the ground level to exit.

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